These are the results of the International 3D Stereo Photo Contests

12th International 3D Stereo Photo Contest Vienna 2023           


For the final time, the phg Stereo Section has hosted the International Stereoscopic Photo Competition.

The jurors found a wide spectrum of stereoscopic quality, the everyday and the extraordinary in special moments: 116 entries from the 30 stereo photographers from 9 countries: China, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, UK, USA and Austria. The jurors rated many images with the highest number of points, so it was exciting to see who the winners would be.

The first 3 winners will be awarded the 3D stereo glass medal: With 72 out of 75 points, the joint production by Vanessa Grein and David Kuntz with A Lot impressed the jury. Only one point less was awarded to George Themelis with Orchid Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  George was also able to win the overall classification and is honoured with the IIWF gold medal. Third place went to Didier Chatellard with his atmospheric picture Carcasonne.

But also pictures that did not get the highest score aroused emotions among the jurors. Each juror presents us with another favourite picture:

Herbert Rainer, founder of the Friends of Nature Award: "Im Märchenland" by Johann Gruber-Veit is based on a photograph, but looks like a graphic. This contrast triggered my enthusiasm for a special prize. I am not alone in this view, for it received high marks from all the jurors.

Horst Stasny on "Monreale" by Kurt Bauer: Perfectly photographed, interesting light, precise stereo transformation.

Peter Herbig on "Turtle" by George Themelis: With animal pictures, it's all about taking a picture at the right moment from the right angle. If you miss the right moment, you rarely get a second chance. If, on top of that, the eyes are sharp and focused on the photographer, the shot is very successful - like the close-up of the giant tortoise here.

Stephen O’Neil on “Rummel” by Dieter Siebert: Available Light is one of my favourite subjects, I really liked this image. Plenty of 3D depth but no ghosting noticeable, the contrast is just right. I really like the fact that the whole of the building on the left is visible. The background is nicely balanced.

Peter Wimmer on "Entering Česky" by Robert Bloomberg: The photo masterfully captures the village in bold colours. The photographer utilises hyperstereoscopy and the full depth range to create the impression of a picturesque model landscape, making it a truly outstanding work of art. The pop-out bridge is an eye-catcher and a creative way to prevent window violations in the bottom corners.  

The authors with one or more acceptances will be awarded a certificate. All participants will receive their results and a 3D TV file with the accepted stereo images. The images will be shown again at the various stereo meetings, next dates are the Stereoscopic Society UK Convention in Harrogate DGS Congress in Minden and the ISU Congress in Tsukuba, Japan.

In particular, I and all the members of the Stereo Section would like to thank you for your submissions over the 12 years.  They were beautiful stereo images that conveyed extraordinary impressions.

Many thanks to all participants!

Many thanks to the jurors! Congratulations to the winners!

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